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The staff at EscrowQuick inc., possess the knowledge and expertise to handle a variety of escrow services with efficiency, great care to details and communication with the principals and their agents.

Types of escrows: 

Refinance The replacement of one or more loans with one or more new loans secured by the subject property.
Loan transactions Differ from refinances inasmuch as this would be a brand new loan in addition to existing encumbrance(s) on subject property (i.e. a loan made by an institutional lender, hard money lender, friend, family member). Sometimes people find it necessary to obtain a bridge loan when their current residence is not selling, or closing in a timely manner, and their new residence just cannot wait.
Residential resales Buying or selling a previously owned residence.
New Home sales Purchasing a home directly from the builder that may or may not still be under construction.
Commercial/Industrial Buying or selling property that is zoned for commercial or industrial use. This would include:
Apartment Buildings
Investment Properties
Land Acquisitions
Office Buildings
Retail Properties
Shopping Centers
Investment A property that is not occupied by the owner(s). This type of transaction usually falls under the commercial/industrial umbrella. Most often the seller(s) are interested in a tax deferred exchange (deferring the tax on the capital gain until a later time). For more information concerning a Tax Deferred Exchange transaction, please consult with your Tax Attorney or Accountant.
Relocation The Seller(s) or Buyer(s) employer will financially support the relocation of its employee(s) by purchasing the “sale” property on behalf of the seller(s) thus allowing the employee(s) to move to their new location. Upon finding a qualified buyer of the property the relocation company, selected by the Employer, will finalize the transaction and forward proceeds to repay the employer or purchase the new property in the relocated area.